Sunday, January 11, 2009

Same old Story-Kings lack scoring punch

What can you say? The Kings consistently find ways to win a couple and follow it up by losing a couple, win a big one, lose the next one etc etc. This team is the poster child of the .500 team.

Cant say it more plainly that the Kings needs to have their scorers scoring and when they don't; its a sure fire loss. Pretty much that simple, when the Top 3 or 4 forwards cant score it's pretty much a safe bet the Kings wont win.

Not picking on the kid nor am I hating on him but where had Patty O gone? The other day I made a comparison about him and Kyle Calder. I did some research and was shocked to find that since 12/19 Calder and O'Sullivan each have 3 pts. Making matters worse is Calder actually has a better +/- over that time frame.

The daily news had a story the other day about the Kings and said they have a strong foundation with goalies and defense but lack the scorers to finish it off. Looking at the roster you have to think how good this team will be if we couple swap out 3 under achievers with 3 credible NHLers. Easier said then done but hey-at least we're making progress in that not that long ago we had a lot of holes to fill and we've got it whittled down to a couple.

Not going to hate on Quick-he has played great as of late and it was pretty obvious from the outset the team was ready to play and it's not like the Devils are some slouchy team. On that same note-how can someone rag on Armstrong when he's the only guy who scored?

Overall, there will be games like this but when our top forwards aren't going to play like top forwards we're an easy team to beat. We have some parts to make a trade and land a top guy but that should be totally contingent on signing a contract extension. I have never really been a big fan of Rental Players to start with, especially considering that landing a top sniper or scorer still isn't going to make the Kings a lock for the playoffs. If that player would sign a contract extension would be a whole different story though.

At least Greene dropped the gloves late in the 3rd period to give the fans something to get excited about. He didnt fair too well but A for effort. Why Ivanans cant show that same courtesy in doing his job is a question.

Oh well, next up is the Lightning-a win brings us back to .500 while a loss actually helps in that it further defines us an also ran sub .500 team that should be clear cut sellers come the trade deadline. Hate to say it because I like him but I wouldn't be surprised to see Frolov moved.


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