Monday, April 13, 2009

NHL Playoffs-3 or 4 must watches 1....not so much

Actually I will watch them all but here are 3 series I cant wait to see....

Sharks Vs Ducks-Honestly I cant think of a better matchup. The teams hate each other and last game saw Perry punch Brian Boucher in the back of the head and all hell break loose. Wild Card Draw-Travis Moen steps it up in the playoffs and will be interesting to see if he drops with any of his old teammates. Will be interesting to see if old whathisname wearing #4 for the Sharks will do the same. For the Record-Im calling the Ducks as much as it pains me to do so. Ill take it a step further and say the Ducks will go to the Western Finals and would not surprise me at all to see them win another cup. After that I will go back to drinking arsenic and experimenting with both uppers and downers and do my best impression of Chris Farley doing his impression of John Belushi doing his impression of Elvis doing his impression of Hank Williams. Are there any legendary figures pre Hank Williams famous for self inflicted deaths. If I use the name Emily Dickenson-would that be the time that name has ever been used in a hockey post?

Caps vs Rags-This one I will watch for one reason and one reason only....Ovechkin vs Avery. Avery did a great job of getting Kovalchuk off his game last year and I expect more of the same.

For the 3rd series Im stuck between the Pens and Flyers or the Hawks/Flames. Pens and Flyers is always a battle and Crosby fought not all that long ago...should be a dandy. I predict there will be one game in this series that will go into 4 or 5 OT periods. For the Hawks/Flames just a gut feel. Will Cammi step it up or dissapear? Will the Hawks young guns fell the pressure or fold? Will the series be a bloody fight filled series? We can only hope as much.

The series to miss altogether- Carolina vs the Devils. Boring Boring Boring. Since Scott Stevens retired the Devils arent nearly as entertaining and Carolina along with the rest of South Eastern division was always the games I skipped over on Center Ice. I expect to see a lot of 2-1 and 3-1 games.

Regardless, is there a better time of year then now?

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