Sunday, June 14, 2009

Stanley Cup Coverage-Way to miss the big story NBC!

Congrats to the Pens in winning the cup first and foremost but I have got to pick one bone hear that reflects on the coverage and the NHLs perpetual plan to not broadcast moments in the game that are compelling.

Case in Point-Why was there no Camera and Mic available for the handshake between Babcock and Bylsma? Why was there no clip of Bylsma on the bench as a member of the Ducks with Babcock behind him? Why was this angle all but ignored? Did the powers that be not know this at all or did they simply feel the people watching didnt care? Any other sport surely would have been billing the matchup as "the Student vs the Teacher" or some other angle to compel viewers into watching.

During the post game handshake TSN of course was smart enough to jump on the Crosby/Lidstrom debate and I wont fault NBC or the NHL for missing this angle since between the both of they do a piss poor enough job of covering the game anyhow.

That said-why no mics during the post game handshake? There was a brief exchange you could hear with Crosby and Babcock where Babcock said something like "you showed great leadership" or something to that effect but why werent there mics all over the place? I am sure there must have been one pen at the least to give at least a 1/2 jab at Hossa-but I guess we will never know and once again-was I missing their covering this part of the series and the story? And further more-why does the NHL continually fail to market the most marketable aspect of the game?

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