Friday, November 13, 2009

Power Plays in OT-ending the game without the shootout.

I was noticing how late in OT periods there have often times been penalties called with less then 1 minute left in the OT period. In an effort to settle more games without the shootout was thinking-Why not make the shorthanded team play out the entire PK? Instead of simply playing shorthanded until regulation OT ends-play out the OT period until the assessed penalty time ends. Thus- once the player serves out the penalty, then and only then can they go to the shootout.

For example, teams are at even strength when a player gets called for holding with 30 seconds left in the OT period. Normally, they would play the final 30 seconds and then go into the shootout. With my idea, the OT period would be extended until the PP was over thus giving the team on the PP an additional 90 seconds to score and since OT is played 4 on 4, a shorthanded team playing 4 on 3 the extra 90 seconds most likely would give at least an additional chance or two to end the game. So once again...if there is 15 seconds left in the OT period when an infraction is called. The Game Clock would be set to 2,4, or 5 minutes depending on the penalty and game play would continue until a goal is scored or the penalty time/game clock expires.

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