Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brian Hayward; Hall of Fame Homer to the 10th degree

I said it years ago and I stand by my statement that one reason Duck's fans have such a skewed version of reality is that most of them, not all of them mind you but most of them, learned about the game of Hockey by watching and listening to not only the Ducks horrible play by play guy, but worse by Brian Hayward; who in a world filled color commentators blinded by their monolithic favoritism of the team they cover and a singular myopic view that their team can and has done no wrong-this Homer has managed to take the cake. Thus, season after season after hearing Hayward complain that any infraction committed by the Ducks was either a marginal call by the ref or an embellishment by the opposing player; and any time a Ducks player falls down the ref somehow missed the call has given Ducks fans an alternate reality that Mr. Mxyzptlk would be proud of.

Exhibit A-

Notice when Perry elbows the Wings player-Hayward makes a reference to legendary player Gordie if Perry throwing an Elbow to the opposing players mush is good ole' fashioned hard nosed hockey. But when Perry turns away from the check of the oncoming Abdelkader, Hayward then complains that Abdelkader hit him in the spite of the fact that Perry turns his back to the oncoming Abdelkader. Then to top it all off-when the fight is over Hayward belittles Abdelkader because either A)he is wearing a face shield or B)his shield happens to be a bit longer than then shield Perry wears. I honestly don't even know where Hayward was going with that line of dialogue but regardless-he was wrong either way.

Lest we think I am simply attacking anything Duck related....the Ducks radio guy Steve Carroll is fantastic. He to me, should be doing the TV side as well because IMO-he is an old school guy who calls a great game.

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