Sunday, March 14, 2010

And so it begins?

I wont kid you, much like I spoke about a week or two ago I still am taking the playoffs for granted. This loss was a painful loss...and at the same time a stupid loss. Our guys couldnt have mustered up another 4 minutes of scoreless play to at least give us a point?

Some Thoughts....

Not counting the Chicago OT the other 3 losses Quick has let in a soft/questionable goal. Quite frankly I was hoping they would give Bernier another start. Not bashing but-If Im the coaches I have Quick on a short leash and get ready to call back Bernier in a moments notice just to be on the safe side. Quick made some great saves but also got a lucky a couple of times and is really overplaying the puck IMO. We cant take anything for granted given the history of the franchise and I am not willing to see the season slip away with the old "were standing by our #1" adage.

Wont comment on the non allowed/allowed goalie interference calls. I will comment on the numerous non calls late in the 3rd. I am not a conspiracy theorist and one who says the refs are out to get us-but in the 3rd there were at least 3 penalties I thought should have been called.

Randy Jones played a solid game. Wont go to the box score to see his plus/minus but watching from home on the tv he looked like half the train wreck of previous games. That said-when Quick isnt looking confident and I see on Jones it tends to make me shudder.

I really like the addition of Clune. Hes got pep.

The more I watch Modin and Halpern the more surprised that Halpern fetched so much more then Modin did. Its all a moot point but I still would rather used that 3rd to get Staios from Edmonton.

Frolov has really played well lately. Someone mentioned in another thread and I cant agree more that right now I would rather see us use the Kovalchuk money to land another solid defensemen and resign Frolov.

One thing I noticed today that bothered me-Nashvilles forward were allowed to enter the zone and given time and space. Even when they bobbled the puck and didnt quite have puck possession there was no pressure to capitalize. I am not sure why our D isnt occasionally standing up when they've got forwards coming back to help. It was apparent tonight when Nashville came in waves and out only response was to capitulate and go into damage control/scramble mode.

Still surprised Barry Trotz is still coaching Nashville. Even more surprised he is not a basketball coach-he just looks the type.

Ive got a ton of respect for Jason Arnott. I remember him as a rookie with Edmonton thinking he was the next messier. He has had his ups and down but in the games Ive watched he always gives a solid effort and a pros pro. Tons of respect for players like that who can bring it for so long.

I am sure Ill think of some other items later but thats it for now and as always look forward to your thoughts.

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