Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the Brink....

Ill try to bust this out quickly...

First and foremost F Randy Jones.

Next Id like to talk about Quick-I dont think its unfair at this point to say that Quick is not a pressure goalie. Think about it-he had 8 chances not only to get win #40 but clinch a playoff spot and he couldnt come up big once. If not for Ersberg and Bernier-its conceivable the Kings may have missed the playoffs entirely. Now in postseason when its undeniably crunch time-we have seen complete foldage.
Look at the save percentage...
Game 1 .932 Game 2 .923 Game 3 .893 Game 4 .861 Game 5 .808

Did the D let him down a couple of times? yes they did but being an NHL goalie means occasionally making the Big save. It was like in Game 4 when Luongo makes the great save on the Brown deflection and then stops Fro on the breakaway-right then you had a pretty bad feeling that chances are the game wasnt going to end well. Big goalies make Big Saves in Big games. What makes it even more frustrating is the majority of these goals are coming from bad angles which typically have a high save probability. I am not saying Quick Sucks-what I am saying is that he has yet to come up big in true pressure situations. Wont cry about it as next year Bernier and Quick ill probably split starts and if this season is any indicator I will bet that Bernier will be starting in goal next post season which brings me to the next point.

How great is it that our teams nucleus is young enough where a potential playoff elimination doesnt spell the end? Traditionally in years past each elimination meant a greater hill to climb as our stars and core were another year old, we had no top ranked prospects(Craig Redmond anyone?) we had no minor league system was so ever-once the season ended next season only held question marks. I said once we clinched a playoff spot-any success we have in this post season is bonus gravy.

Did I mention F Randy Jones? I support T Murray-I like his honesty and straight forward style but barring Harrold or Drewiske being hurt there is no reason either one of these guys shouldnt get be playing in the next game.

Frolov-I will not bash on Frolov and would like to have him back next season but if his Agent wants to play hard ball there is no way I shell out 5 million for him when a mil or two more can actually get someone that brings it every night and doesnt mind getting their elbows dirty. I am not sure if its just the genetic makeup of his face and I dont mind Fros Happy, Smiling demeanor-just not when its a post whistle 5 on 5 scrum in the corner.

Wayne Simmonds-You are the man. Shane OBrian is a hack. Rich Clune-Youve got huge balls but really need some tips on picking your spots better. Rick Rypien-Your tough as nails and looked like a pro doing his job without the douchbag chicanery of your cohort in Obrian or the aholery of Cody Mcleod in Colorado. For that I commend you. Judging by the way Clune was holding his shoulder I will guess Scott Parse gets in the next game via default.

I am not really a Vancouver hater-but after this series and their whining coach and fans I actually want to start hating them. Its like me and the Raiders-I could give 2 farts about any on the team and hold no love or hate for anyone on the roster-but seeing the mentality of the fan base actually makes me hate them if that makes sense.

Speaking of Vancouver- Mikael Samuelson gets my vote for the leagues most underrated player. He has got a great accurate shot, not afraid to play physical, will go into corners, has tons of experience, and a without question a big game player. You may not like him but he is arguably a bigger catalyst to the Nucks success then the Sedins.

Drew Doughty- great to see him earn a Norris Nod. Still not sure if he will win it but to be 20 and get acknowledged is a great sign. Not to pat myself on the back but before the season started I did predict this.

Kings Size- I will do a full blown analysis for next season once were officially eliminated which will hopefully be in June, that said going into next season we need more size. Sure Zues and Modin have size and use it well but we need size that intimidates. I really would have liked to see us land Owen Nolan at the deadline-his grit and experience would have proved invaluable in this series but thats life and huge what if to spend any time and energy bothering to lament. Going into next season we need to address the size issue-having undersized roster players to handle the dirty work does not cut it.

Once again though going into next season how great is it that we will improve in all 3 areas of Forward, Defense, and Goalie?

All in all watching the playoffs and the best of 7 format-the best team generally advances. There generally arent enough flukes to carry a team through a series. That said- this series has really hit the nucks fans credibility and the opposite stands true for Kings fans. Reading some assorted boards its pretty common to see other NHL teams fans throwing us props while at the same time calling out most of the nucks fans idiocy. I said in another thread that I expect that stuff out of know nothing Ducks fans but from a Canadian team I expect more. I guess in the case of most, not all, Nucks fans that isnt the case.

And to weigh in on the fan altercations-while it certainly isnt something we should be proud of nor endorse; when you carry a sign into Staples that says "Kings Are Queens" what do you think is going to happen? That guy almost deserves a beat down-not for being a Nucks fan but for being stupid. Why someone at Staples couldnt grab and tear up the sign is beyond me. CBGB-if you an idea for the next home game that is it-even if it means dressing a buddy in Nucks colors simply as a prop.

I have said enough, maybe too much, onto game 6.

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