Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kings Tackle Stars 4-1

Didnt take notes and pulling this stuff off the top of my head so here goes.

I really like Moller. Though he was held off the score sheet you can see the kids is a competitor There was a play in the 2nd I believe where he had control of the puck, got checked off the puck, and then went right back and threw a check on the Star who originally checked him. I have never claimed to be a hockey expert but one has to wonder-is a team better off with a 30 goal scorer with questionable work ethic or a 20 goal scorer who doesnt give an inch of ice?

Quick-29 Saves on 30 Shots now with a 2.88 GAA and .900 sv%. Not too shabby considering the Kings havent looked all the solid on D so far this season.

J Williams- 9 pts in 9 games. Nuff Said. If not for Smyth's red hot start he'd probably be getting more props. Honestly-most have us will be happy for him to finish the season with 20G 20Assists.

Team Toughness-Is it just me or does it look like we're being pushed around a bit more this year?

Crawford/Turco- If were take Crawford to court charged with being a horrible coach would not his starting Turco be exhibit A? I honestly think if the Kings needed win just 1 important game there is no goalie I would rather face then Turco. Over the last 3 seasons he is a .500 goalie against the Kings which speaks volumes since it doesnt seem that long ago when the Kings couldnt buy a win over Dallas.

On that same note-Great win but to me it looked more like the one two punch of Turco and a bad game by Dallas more so then great play by the Kings. Basically-the Stars had no answer for our first line.

Doughty was a +2 so hopefully he is rounding into form and shaking off some early play that had me thinking sophomore slump.

Drewiske is a +6 on the season and has been very solid. I called it last season saying that Drewiske is without question an upgrade over Gauthier. He may not bring the snarl but he is certainly smarter with his decision making.

Nice to Wayne Simmonds looking a bit more like his old self. He has to bring a tenacious, physical game every night or he is no different then Brad Jones,Ilka Sinasalo, or Randy Gilhen. On that same note-he had a few empty nets goals in preseason and got his first of the year last night-does the NHL keep stats on Empty Net goal leaders?

I still like Brad Richardsons play this year. He is like a less skilled Oscar Moller but he competes and plays hard. Granted you cant have too many guys like this in the lineup.

Can only speculate what the Frolov benching will bring about. I am sure there are teams making some offers as well as some talk about whether or not to extend his contract and moving forward maybe some type of sign and trade options. Dont really believe the Sharks rumors myself and think any trade may happen with an Eastern Team. Maybe to Carolina w/a prospect for Ruutu and Gleason?

Looking forward to Thursdays game. Hopefully some rest and home cooking will bring some health and energy. Would make a Turco comment here but dont want to jinx it.

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