Friday, October 23, 2009

Kopis 1st Hattrick, Kings win 5-4 over Stars

Had time to sit and watch the entire game and make some notes as well so I will get right to it.

Kopitars Hat Trick- How can you not be happy for this guy? What was most impressive that all 3 goals were scored differently. The First with the power move to the net, the second on a backhand, and the 3rd on a wrister.
His first goal was very reminiscent of his very first NHL goal in which he blew by Pronger.

Mark down this day as it is a historic one in that as Kopitar is tied for the league lead in Points I am positive no King has had the distinction for quite some time....probably since the Gretzky era if I had to wager.

On Kopis 3rd goal the replay shows Simmonds putting his glove out as if trying to knock the puck down or corral it out of mid air. You could see it distracted Auld a little bit which makes me think if Simmonds intentionally put his glove out as a distraction he has some amazing hockey sense. On that same note 1G 1 Assist and +3 PM on the night. I kind of get the feeling the Velvet Merkin could play on that line and put up numbers.

Even during the end of the Second I had noted the Quick was not looking very sharp. He was struggling positionally and communication with his d wasnt clicking at all. I cant really blame him on the first goal as it was a great shot right in the scoring area. The not so much.

Horrible camera work for the Greene/Sutherby scrum. You could hear the crown reacting to something and then finally the camera gets there to see players skating to the box. Given they just got roughing penalties I know it wasnt exactly Probert/McSorely but none the less some sloppy work on the part of FSW.

Speaking of Greene, his play on the PK tonight was fantastic.

Was I the only who saw Morrow try and spear or take a jab at Quick in the 2nd? How about the flying elbow at Smyth in the 3rd?

Doughty-Finished a -2 on the night but his amazing blind back handed hold in off the puck in the 3rd on the PP along with his confidence with the puck in his own zone are plays that few players can make or in the case of puck control against defenders-even have the confidence to try to make. Doughty at 19 is playing better then Rob Blake did as a young dman in spite of fact Blake was 2 or 3 years older when he got his first taste of the NHL.

Handzus- he looked sluggish to me in the last couple of games but last night he was playing very well and looks to be getting warmed up. Wouldnt be surprised to see him score a couple of more goals in the next couple of games.

Drewiske- Still impressed with him. He skates well and continues to make good decisions with the puck.

Brad Richardson- Got over 6 minutes of ice time....much have been all in the 3rd period.

Purcell- Sorry my boy but you have got to step it up. You know your season isnt starting well when you find yourself playing on a line with Ivanans.

Trevor Lewis- See Purcell, Ted. Seriously though he is not ready at all to be an everyday player. He makes Peter Harrold look like Guy Carboneau.

Using Purcell and Lewis as examples-are there any two players in Manchester who would be an improvement over these two? Should we make a trade to bring back Armstrong? Food for thought.

Is it time for the NHL to use a different formula when calculating PK and PP%? Dallas was technically 0 for 4 on the PP but one of those came when the PP had 5 seconds. Wouldnt a better formula be to calculate a percentage based on some sort time to goal ratio?

Looking forward- Phoenix is going to be a challenge. They have been fantastic defensively all season. To give an idea the Kings have allowed 33 goals this season....Phoenix has allowed 12. Not to mention dating back to last year it seems like the Yotes really have the Kings number much in the same way the Kings have the Stars number. Im not a betting man but.....

As always, enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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