Friday, October 15, 2010

Kings 4, Canucks 1-Dustin Brown 2 Goals and a great Idea

Very good to keep this ball rolling against a very tough Nucks team. Dont care what anyone says you can bet at the end of the year the Canucks will be at the top of the standings. Also keep in mind they're playing without Alex Burrows.....he makes a difference even though he is a punk.

Some thoughts-

Very surprised they didnt review the Stoll goal. It probably would have still counted but surprised they didnt at least take a look. That line is still playing very well and really all you can ask for....experience, solid d, offensive prowess, a little physicality-really all you could want in a 2nd line.

We talked during the LGK Talk Radio Show on who would be in the first scrap of the season and looks like that honor went to Wayne Simmonds. If you had money on Simmonds.....he paid 8-1 and we'll have to wait at least one more game for the payout on the daily double.

PP has got to be a concern. If there is a good element to it is that the trouble is simply getting shots on net and not entering the zone or moving the puck. Shoot the puck, crash the net, and keep it simple.

Mega Kudos to the Zeus line. They matched up against the Sedins all night and did a great job of spending the majority of the shifts in the Nucks end. And yes, the Sedins scored 1 that made it a nail biter for about 45 seconds but to be fair there are only a handful of lines in the NHL that can score that goal at the end of a hard shift.

Also some props to Ponikarovsky. He is looking much better and comfortable in his role. I am impressed by his willingness to ramp up the physical play and so far his ability to compete. And he broke up a play coming on the backcheck that warranted some props.

On a similar note though- tonight was probably the best game of the season as far as having the top 3 lines in a groove and contributing.

And another tip of the cap to Lombardi- Drewiske and Muzzin look like and are playing like NHL caliber defensemen. When Greene gets back our D is as good as any in the league. Maybe a stretch to think the best in the league but certainly in the upper percentile. Seems like yesterday we were suiting up Doug Houda, John Slaney, and Rob Cowie. On that same note-congrats to Muzzin on his first NHL point.

Have to love the fact that Doughty now has 2 highlight film plays against the Sedins breaking up 2 on 1s. Doughty finished -1 but that play and his skating is still amazing. Tonight he looked like he never got out of 2nd gear and was still one of the best players on the ice.

3rd period the Kings really dodged some bullets...there was a sequence in the 3rd that literally looked like a comedy of errors but I guess its a sign of the teams improvement that these are few and far between and not ending as automatic goals for the other team.

Brown now has 3 goals in 4 games-not bad considering the 1st line hasn't really looked all that impressive nor shown any type of chemistry. I like the salute at the end of the game and mega kudos to Brown for suggesting and implementing it. Brown has shown more wearing the C then old whatshisname who used to wear #4 ever did.

Quick is still looking very sharp. Bob Miller reported that Quick lost 15 lbs over the summer and how he hopes to will boost stamina. I am no athletic trainer so not sure how it works but don't players generally lose weight over the long season anyhow? Regardless, he looks fantastic and provided the Kings keep the shots against down and can keep a sensible goalie rotation-I am very optimistic.

What to do with Kyle Clifford? I am 99% sure Schenn will not be sent down-another year in the Juniors probably wouldn't be the worst thing for him.

Gotta wonder in tight games late in the 3rd if we might see Schenn in for Lotkionov. Something to Ponder on....

Jack Johnson ended up +3 on the night....without looking at the record book I would imagine this might be a career high for him. On that same note it also emphasizes the quirky stat the +/- is as I dont think anyone would think JJ was rock solid in his own end. On that same note-when Greene gets back it will be nice that he can spell JJ in situations that er, uh, ahr, lets say not quite ideal for JJs unique skillset.

On some other unrelated Kings notes....

Watched a bit of the Quacks game. Perry finished with 3pts-but took a really lazy, undisciplined penalty in the 3rd that led to the Game Tying PP goal. Perry is approaching Sean Avery status as a player who will never get the benefit of the doubt from the Referees. Over the long haul one has to wonder what the overall benefit is-especially considering the Ducks defense is weak. Atlanta had 3 PP goals the game and won in the Shoot Out.

I hate the Yankees, then again I hate baseball. And while i'm exploring this stream of consciousness F Randy Jones for good measure.

I cant believe there isnt another game until wednesday. The next day starts a road trip that is going to be a real test- Phoenix, Colorado, Minn, Chicago, and Dallas...the real first challenge of the season IMO.

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