Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kings dominate the Preds

Didnt get to this last night and know how when I dont do it get hate mail and the world stops spinning.

Before the game was wondering if we would see a rematch between O'Brien and Wayne Simmonds. Kind of sad we didn't but credit T Murray for his ability to keep players focused on the task at hand. I wonder if Simmonds has forgotten about it to be honest....same goes with Malkin.
Nashville always plays the Kings tough but they were a beaten dejected team last night.

Kopitars goal was a perfect shot. Browns goal was a soft on the goalies part even if it did partially deflect.

Congrats to Smyth and it may have been lack of observation on my part but it looks to me like he is having tons of fun on the ice. Between his animation on his assist on JWs goal the other night and the goal he scored last night he is clearly enjoying himself.

Had a father and son moment last night when Hip Jr said mid way in the second period "Maybe Kings will get the Shut Out." I then went on to explain the "Dont Tempt the Hockey Gods" theory. He understood. Fortunately the lone Nashville goal didn't happen until much later in the game and by that point his attention was focused on Lego Star Wars so he felt little to name shame.

Justin Williams-may be playing the best hockey of his career.

Westgarth- Not bad...not bad at all. He still hasnt picked up a fighting major yet but clearly not the liability old whats his name was.

Gotta love a team that is ahead 4-0 and still laying down to block shots on the PK.

Have to say that Nashville looked like a beaten dejected team all night. Even when down 4-0 they did nothing to spark any type of energy. Maybe just an off night or they just might be the team their record shows they are. Hard to believe Trotz is still Coaching the tea, after all these years and the indifferent success of the franchise.

That said I would have liked to see a bit more energy at the end of the 3rd to try and preserve the shut out for Bernier but thats a very small criticism in the big scope of things.

Scotty Bowman once said that he felt his team could win the cup if the PK and the PP were both in the top10. Kings PP has been brutal but actually in the middle of the pack at 18th overall and in the top 5 for PK. There is room for improvement but I think I will gladly exchange a mid pack PP for the Kings record. Case in Point- the teams ranked #3-5 for PP% are ranked no better then 8th in the conference.

Anyhow-Thursdays game will be much more a challenge with Dallas in town and the divisional rivalry and division lead at stake. So far so amazingly good. #3 overall in goals against. I'll take it.

The game itself was great in that we dominated and took control early and never relinquished control but after thursdays game against Tampa was, maybe anti-climatic is the wrong word, but certainly not nearly as exciting.

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