Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12/2 Games Picks

Some good match ups tonight.

Los Angeles @ Phoenix- 32 FMs on the year and with the Kings losing last night hopefully may be in a bad mood against their division rival. How can you not like Danial Carcillo? Probably my favorite player for an opposing team. Yotes also have McGratton but I am not sure he'll dress tonight as Gentle Raitis Ivanans isnt the type to go picking on people....sadly.

Toronto @ San Jose- No Rivalry or anything but Deveaux on Toronto badly wanted to scrap last night and only the Kings ineptitude prevented it. Someone on the Sharks will take him up on the offer tonight though....Shelly or Murray most likely.

Game of the Night
Dallas @ Calgary- 43 Combined FMs on the year this one should be a dandy. Barch has been very active for the Stars and the Flames never turn down an offer to scrap. Barch and Prust almost a lock and I would also think Iginla and Avery has a pretty good shot at happening. Regardless this is game of the night bar none. Set the Tivo's for this baby!

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