Tuesday, December 9, 2008

12/9 Games of the Day

Sorry for the layoff.....maybe a bad choice of words there but sorry for the fail to update. Only 4 games on the Docket tonight with one potential doozy.

Vancouver @ Nashville- 50 Combined FMs between the two teams and Hordichuk facing his former team. I really like the looks of this one. Hopefully Bettman wont suspend someone before the game and kill all chances of something interesting happening. Almost a guaranteed fight if not more in this one.

Isles and Philly has some potential but even though the Isles have 17 FMs on the season theyre a team I find boring as heck and seldom watch any of their matchups. Between the Isles and the two Florida teams I really dont bother.

Kings and Avs may be a good one as well with John Zeiler probably being public enemy #1. Pretty good shot that Lappy will go after him and go after him hard. The question here is-Will Ivanans take the bull by the horns and try to actually "enforce" or will he simply try and be a peace maker?

Anyhow, the Nucks and Preds is the game of the night with the Kings/Avs not all that far behind simply based on the previous games shenanigans. I love it when I get to use the word shenanigans.

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