Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hips Thoughts-passive subtle reflections

Felt a bit poetic this morning hence the unusual title.

Was thinking about this last night before the game even started no less that if we can get 4, count 'em 4 points in the next 4 games wouldn't be a bad thing and 4 OTLs would be OK in my book. Games against League Leading SJ and Detroit-both team so far ahead of us in the standings there is no way in hell we'll catch them and 2 eastern teams we could care less about since an extra point to them doesn't make any difference in the Western Conference standings. Thus-an OTL in these 4 games is really no different then ties of a few years ago. Once again-if we can get 3 pts in the next 3 games no one should complain...especially with Ersbergs uncertain status.

The Kings are 10-6-4 in their last 20 games. Anyone want to do the math and see where this would put the Kings point wise over the remaining games of the season?

Oddly enough-I voluntarily declined to watch the shootout. I was trying to get the kids to bed and having flashbacks of Labarbaras previous Shoot Out effort against Detroit just didnt sit well with me. I figured Id check the scores this AM and be pleasantly surprised or take solace in confirmed suspicions. Looks like item B proved correct.

On that same goalie note-If Ersbergs groin does look to be semi serious I would think Bernier would be the first to get the call up. If you thought Labarbara looks bad compared to Ersberg wait until he starts splitting time with Bernier. If Bernier can prove he can play at this level and is ready-is there anyone who wouldn't feel very comfortable with a Bernier/Ersberg tandem? I thought Bernier was the best goalie out of camp last season but with the team hemorrhaging shots against it was a good idea to send him down. With this years team focusing on minimizing shots against you can start to get excited for the kids chances. On that same note-SJ was held to 25 Shots on Goal. Pretty Impressive Considering SJ is 3rd overall in Shots.

Purcell-What a sweet goal. I really like this line as Teddy P has the skills to play with Kopitar and Patty O. Calder on this line stuck out like a turd in a punchbowl. Not really a knock against Calder but his relative lack of skill really really stands out playing on the side of Kopitar. I am not bashing Calder because there has been plenty of that in the last couple of weeks but no doubt about it upgrading this winger position will be critical. 2 pts in 3 games and I cant be sure but I dont think he has gotten any PP time. That will probably change once Moller goes to play in the WJC(see more about this below).

Doughty-There is really nothing more to say about this kid anymore. Time will tell but it looks like he may prove to be the best player in the draft. To be making plays and moves against not only NHL players-but Highly skilled top caliber NHL players at 19 is uber impressive. Once he can fill out a bit more I really think the Ray Bourque comparisons are valid. The future is very very bright for this Kid.

The WCJ- For those of you at the game, Jim mentioned that Moller is the favorite to wear the C at the WJCs for sweden. Hickey has already been named to wear the C for Canada. You can maybe complain about Lombardi about some things-clearly drafting guy with character is not one of them. Anytime, you have a young player that gets names Team Captain for his junior team or international Team is never a bad thing.

Blake still pisses me off. His nice "I want to stay and help the young guys line" cost us a pick if not a player from the Sharks. He must be a really nice/cool guy off the ice because no one runs him or bad mouths him and everyone talks of him respectfully which is great-but at the same time I cant help but think why he didn't agree to get traded to the Sharks last season? Was it to simply F the Kings or was he simply undecided?

I am sure I may think of some other things later but that's it for now.

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