Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NHL Suspends Avery....

And misses yet another great marketing gimmick.

My Thoughts- Being the Stars/Flames was my pick for Game of the Night I am rightfully upset that Avery was Suspended. Given Avery's pre-game quotes, is there anyone on the Planet that wouldn't want to see Iginla or Phaneuf pummel him? Honest to god. I am no Phaneuf fan but this is one time I would have relished seeing him in action.

On that same note-not only should Avery not have been suspended but the game should have been picked up on the NHL network and advertised everywhere. The NHL misses on yet another great marketing opportunity.

I always bring this comparison but NASCAR is great with this stuff...one driver runs another off the road and within the hour its featured on the commercial for next weeks race. Two drivers have to be separated in the pits? Great, run the clip to advertise next weeks race in Kansas with a huge large font graphic of "BAD BLOOD" flashing across the screen.

It never ceases to amaze me that in a time where the UFC is widely popular the NHL continually chooses to ignore the one aspect of the game that could draw NFL and MMA fans to the sport. Its like choosing not to reach the demographic that most likely would love the NHL. Go Figure.

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