Monday, December 22, 2008

12/22 Looks like a night with Potential

Mondays are generally a little bit slower fight wise for the NHL but there are some very good matchups tonight. Before I get to it-I would love to see if there were certain days that statistically have more fights or a higher fight percentage. Seems like Saturdays always tend to have more fights but thats just my perception and based on nothing at all. It would be interesting to see but I digress.

To the games....

Toronto @ Atlanta- Normally I wouldn't have even picked this one if not for the Ian White/Kovalchuk dust up in the last game. You can find the you tube clip and see for yourself. There was a story about it you can find here. /22/7824216-sun.html

Phoenix @ Edmonton- 50 combines FMs between the two teams. Not sure if there is any history and Zach Stortini is the worst excuse for an enforcer in the league. Nonetheless, you always have to love the perseverance and dedication shown by Todd Fedoruk and its always fun watching Gretzky get agitated behind the bench.

Game of the Night bar none is........

Anaheim @ Vancouver-The #1 and #2 teams in the league for Fighting Majors battle each other tonight. Literally a dream matchup for fight lovers. With Selanne out the Nucks won’t have to worry about him on the Power Play and other more physical Duck players should benefit by getting more ice time.
Nucks have Hordichuk, M Brown, and Davison all willing and not sure of the status of O'Brien. Regardless, this is a must watch game. Too bad Sundin likely wont be playing, would really set things off if the million dollar swede got ran early in the game to set the tone.

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