Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11/19 Games of the Day

Only 3 games tonight. Before I get to them though I have to pat myself on the back and hopefully wont suffer a sprained shoulder because of it but the Hawks/Yotes game was very entertaining. Anytime you can get non-fighters picking up majors you've got a winning recipe for a successful game. Jokinen decided to scrap with Fraser and Jonathen Toews picked up his first NHL fighting major going after Hanzal. Hanzal gets the win but props to Toews for going after him.

Tonights Games

Vancouver @ NY Rangers- 35 combined FMs on the year. Inter-conference game be damned this should be a good hard hitting game.

Caps @ Ducks- Washington only has a puny 6 fights on the year so that's nothing to write home about but the Ducks can always be counted on for playing a rough and tumble style. Let's hope the Ducks try and go after Ovechkin physically, that may set off some fireworks but even if it doesn't a hard hitting, physical game will help the Kings when they play the caps tomorrow.....or at least in theory as the Kings can lose to any team on any given day no matter what the circumstance.

Buffalo @ Boston- I will be honest I have no clue what happens here. Neither team is leading in PIMS and I dont think there is any history between the two. My gut feel says it will be a snoozer but you never know. Am I the only one who misses Adam Mair?

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