Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Nov 18th

3 Pretty good matchups tonight; before I get to it though I really made the call on the Sharks/Preds game last night. 3 or 4 good scraps and maybe the most entertaining game of the year from a fight fans perspective. Some real good matchups tonight as well that should pair nicely with the weekly dinner of Taco Tuesday 99 cent tacos served here locally. Only question there is do I go with Rubios Fish tacos or the Shredded Beef tacos at Jalapenos?

The Matchups-
Edmonton Oilers at Columbus Blue Jackets- 32 fighting majors between these two teams. Not sure if there is a history but the numbers point to some action.

Chicago Blackhawks at Phoenix Coyotes- 31 fights combined here. Man its great to see the Hawks fielding a tough team. The NHL just doesn't seem right without the Hawks fighting. On the Yotes side how can you not like Dan Carcillo? On that same note, I wonder whatever became of Dirk Graham?

Colorado Avalanche at Calgary Flames- Should be some good action here as well. Hope the flames suit up Andre Roy and it will almost be a lock for a scrap in this one. Maybe even a chance to see Iginla throw down. Prust leads the league in fighting majors. For the Avs, poor Lappy can always be counted on for the middleweights and the Cody Brothers are always active. I am having a hard time posting clips here but if I could this would be the perfect spot to post the clip of Tony Granato hitting Neil Wilkenson over the head with his stick. Ahhh the good ole days.

Sleeper....in a bad way.

Florida Panthers at Tampa Bay Lightning- Yeah they're interstate rivals but their also the most boring teams in the league and between have as many fights as Brandon Prust. If the Kings and Ducks game from the other night didn't have much emotion then this game will be played with all of the intensity of a preseason inter-squad baseball game. Anyhow.....3 great match ups tonight for sure.

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