Sunday, November 16, 2008

Preds Recap and Games of the Day

I do not have enough time to do a full recap but here are some quick thoughts.

Sometimes in sports there are games that you are just not going to win in spite of everything. In this case- Preds goalie Dan Ellis really stole the show. He has been red hot the last 3 or so games it and it showed. The Kings peppered him with the goals in the first and got turned away every time.

On that same note you can't really blame Ersberg as all of the Preds goals were about as honest as it gets. He really had no chance on any of those shots at all. Once again while you can recap some specific players or a specific play that can swing a game one way or the other this was really simply a case of the Kings coming up against a hot goalie.

If there is one bone to pick-seemed like shots from the points were all high and off target-the one Kings goal that scored was kept on the ice and on target. Whats with all the high shots from the Dmen?

Lets hope we can regroup and get at least a point from tonight's game but quite frankly I'm a bit dubious. One thing that may help is Ducks lost Francois Beauchemin for the season with a severe knee injury. That is certainly going to hurt their D Corp.

Some Games to Watch-

Montreal Canadiens at St. Louis Blues-On paper this looks like it may have some potential but the inter-conference rivalry factor may offset the numbers.

Atlanta Thrashers at Philadelphia Flyers- Call it a hunch.

Kings at Ducks- Kings have been quiet on the fight front and this rivalry should bring out the worst from both teams. Parros vs Ivanans is almost a lock and Im sure Brad May is going to try and start something. I really envy the Ducks team toughness.
Will be interesting to see who the Kings start in goal as well. Lots of sub-plots in this one.

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