Monday, November 17, 2008

Kings Recap- Games for 11/17

Hard to win when you don't score. 1 Goal in 2 games is not going to get it done no matter how well your goalie is playing. Ersberg still the only bright spot. What has happened to Kopitar this season?

Games for Monday

Game of the Night

San Jose Sharks at Nashville Predators- Statistically there are some other games that may look better on paper but this is just a gut feel.

Vancouver plays the Isles but the Isles dont have a lot of spunk and while the Nucks can lay the smack down I dont see it happening here with the inter conference matchup.

Edmonton Oilers at Detroit Red Wings- I think there will be a better chance of seeing fighting majors handed out during tonights NFL game between Cleveland and Buffalo then in this match up.

I guess the dont call them monday's for nothing....Lets pick tonights theme song.

Boomtown Rats-I dont like mondays


Carpenters-Rainy Days and Mondays

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